The Super needs a raise NOW!

It’s 1:00 a.m. and I can’t sleep.  My mind is too active and this post probably won’t slow it down.  I was invited to meet with some parents this afternoon that I share concerns with about the state of our schools.  It was good to see people so willing to be involved with the needs of community.  This has set my mind in motion.

It prompted me to do a little reading (don’t we all love reading the code of law?) and watching past board meetings.  I was very disappointed to read about the responsibilities of school boards as outlines by state law and see how poorly certain board members (Richland 2) perform these responsibilities.  I honestly can’t follow the logic of the chair of our board not allowing a vote on a proposed raise for the superintendent to wait 2 weeks.  Especially given the fact that 3 of the board members claim to have only had 24 hours (a claim confirmed by the chair) to review the proposal and that the super makes around a quarter of a million a year all ready.  I think he will be able to make ends meet for a little longer.

But what is most troubling is how the chair seems to be lost a lot of the time.  Even I can follow the logic behind the rules used to conduct the meeting.  State law seems to allow for board members to have a minimum of 3 days to examine any proposals related to hiring district employees (SECTION 59-19-80).  It would seem logical to postpone a vote on raising the salary of the super if there was ANY concerns that not enough (24 hours) time was available to read over the new contract.  Why would we want board members to sign off on a contract they did not have time to read?

Could it be the tax payers in Richland County are getting hoodwinked again?  A fellow candidate for school board had copies of the contracts between the school board and the super at the meeting I attended earlier.  I will try to get a copy myself and post appropriate details in the near future. 

One thing is for sure, our school board is out of control.