Dude looks like a lady, sort of.

I don’t know why we do it, but many nights my wife and I watch Jeopardy. Maybe it’s just because it comes on after “wheel of fortune” but regardless, we end up watching it a lot. Several weeks ago a new contestant named Amy Schneider appeared on the show. At some point in the evening I looked over at my wife and asked “is that a dude”? We wondered for a few days until I couldn’t take it anymore and I googled “is the Jeopardy champion transgender”. Of course that brought up a couple articles that contained the answer.

First off let me say I hope Amy Schneider is a happy person. I can honestly say I want everyone to be happy. The older I get the more I realize happiness can be hard to find and what others think of you is just not a good reason to be unhappy. Amy is clearly a smart dude and appears quite content expressing himself as a woman. I read he has a girlfriend and he had people in his life that accept him and probably love him. That’s a wonderful thing to have.

BUT, I can’t watch the show anymore. It’s not that I don’t approve of his lifestyle. It really is none of my business how he dresses and wears his hair. I just think it’s a little creepy. I dealt with it for a couple of weeks, but now every time the show comes on I see a guy that is trying really hard to be a woman, and it’s not working that well. I realize he will never know who I am and probably doesn’t care if I don’t accept his beliefs anyway. But again, it’s just creepy.

It’s like if Robin Williams never took off the Mrs. Doubtfire costume and started auditioning for female roles. Would we all wonder if he had lost his mind? There would be a certain disconnect with reality. That’s kind of the way I see people like Amy. Does he really think he’s a lady or does he like playing a lady?

Bottom line, Amy can express his “gender” any way he wants, but when I see him on TV, he’s just a dude that looks like lady.


  1. Glad to see you on board as a credible candidate for Richland 2 School Board, Joe. It is critical that the direction of Richland 2 be altered. The only way it will happen is for the majority (even the quorum (5)) to be conservative, ethical and responsible. A clean sweep of The Core Four is needed.

  2. Imagine being a vulnerable 13 year old struggling to find themselves, struggling to be accepted, struggling to find their self-worth, and reading this. The fancy word for this post is “microaggression.” Thinly (or thickly) veiled discrimination does not belong within a public decision-making authority.

  3. Imagine being a vulnerable 13 year old struggling to find themselves, struggling to be accepted, struggling to find their self-worth, and then seeing a 42 year old man, recently divorced from his wife, pretending to be woman. Then they see David Muir announce that this man is the new highest scoring woman on Jeopardy. Do you really think reading the views of old man that finds all this creepy is really “discrimination”. Perhaps the departure from reality is what you should be more concerned about. Thanks for the comment though.

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